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Located in the beautiful Driftless Area of southwestern Wisconsin, the Malcolm Stack Foundation was established in 2001 to meet a number of goals. Foremost, the Foundation promotes land conservation, education, and equestrian eventing activities through scholarships, grant-making, educational opportunities, and restricted-public use of its facilities.

The Foundation is dedicated to conserving land throughout the Driftless Area. In recent years, housing developments have expanded into the area and threaten the beauty of this natural historic site.

The Driftless Area provides a unique ecosystem for a varied collection of plants and animals, and Foundation directors believe it is imperative to preserve this land for future generations.

Malcolm Stack has donated more than 175 acres in Ridgeway, Wisconsin, to be used in keeping with the mission of the Foundation. The land is placed in trust to preserve the natural beauty of the land and protect against future development. An easement has been granted to the Driftless Area Conservancy in Dodgeville, Wis., which will oversee a portion of the land in perpetuity.

Since the 1990s, this beautiful land has been home to equestrian clinics by world-renowned equestrian professionals, nature photographers, writers groups, and other organizations. Geologic field trips have been and will continue to be offered on this unique and beautiful piece of property.